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Our Story

Angelic Branding Consulting began in the world of local nonprofits, where tight budgets taught us to think of the consumer, not the cost. We’ve always had a passion for helping people  — to reach people, redefine their products and services, and ultimately grow their brand. 


Brands need a spirited and strategic combination of public relations and marketing to succeed in any brand culture, and that’s what we offer.


Angelic Branding has taken advantage of the remote workspace to reach new clients and audiences across the nation. We are always continuing to grow our potential and scope.



Jonaé is the owner of Angelic Branding Consulting. As a brand enthusiast, she is passionate about what she creates, who she serves, and the specialities she offers.


Prior to launching Angelic Branding, Jonaé was the Director of Engagement for the international nonprofit, The Joseph School. There, she managed the nonprofit’s strategic development, fundraising, and communication. She earned her bachelor of arts degree in Public Relations from the University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, AL.  


Our mission is to help brands discover their value, refine it, and share it well.

Our Approach

Every organization needs the three A’s:


To build awareness. 



To create a favorable attitude toward their brand 



To promote action from their audience


We assist brands in accomplishing those objectives by providing innovative ideas and strategies, and ensuring the content they release into the world is a service to their audience and connected to their brand.


Our beliefs and aspirations:



We value honesty, transparency, originality and quality — and our values guide each and every decision we make. 



We are about building connections — between people, between brands, and the two.



We communicate — with ease. We want you to understand the process.



We notice the little things. Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest impact.



We embrace the constant reshaping of modern media and know strategic branding is what gets people talking,  and keeps them talking.



We plan and produce what we imagine ourselves, and we’ve been told  imagination has no limits.


Are you a nonprofit? Each quarter, we offer free coaching + custom graphics to one nonprofit in need. 

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