Angelic Branding Consulting began in the world of local nonprofits, where tight budgets taught us to think of the consumer, not the cost. We’ve always had a passion for helping people  — to reach people, redefine their products and services, and ultimately grow their brand. 


Brands need a spirited and strategic combination of public relations and marketing to succeed in any brand culture, and that’s what we offer.


Our mission is to help brands discover their value, refine it, and share it well.


Angelica Jonaé

Owner + Brand Strategist


Leading Angelic Branding Consulting is Jonaé Woods, Founder and Brand Strategist. 


She enjoys a challenge. She can look at a project, see the full vision and break it into sizable tasks to tackle — and then she knocks them out. 


Before ABC, Jonaé worked for a media company. From there, she led the marketing initiatives for an undergraduate wellness program, and then became the development director for an international nonprofit. She’s worked with grant funded programs, and had to fundraise, herself. She’s worked for multiple clients, and at times — just one. She’s been an employee, and an entrepreneur. 


She brings a wealth of experience, and creative energy to Angelic Branding. Her motto: to help people, help people  — and that motto truly defines the types of clients and work we take on!

Jessica G.

Social Media + Advertising Intern


Jessica is a senior at The University of Alabama where she is pursuing an undergraduate degree in public relations and a masters in advertising and public relations. Her anticipated graduation date in May 2021. Her experience includes roles in social media management, campaign research and strategy, and event planning.


Our beliefs and aspirations . . . 



We value honesty, transparency, originality and quality — and our values guide each and every decision we make. 



We communicate — with ease. We want you to understand the process.



We are about building connections — between people, between brands, and the two.



We notice the little things. Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest impact.



We embrace the constant reshaping of modern media and know strategic branding is what gets people talking,

and keeps them talking.



We plan and produce what we imagine ourselves, and we’ve been told

imagination has no limits.


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Our mission is to help brands discover their value, refine it, and share it well.

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