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Here at Angelic Branding Consulting, we love to give back. Our business began in the nonprofit industry and we know how difficult, yet rewarding working in the social sector can be. That is why we created the Nonprofit ABCs Program — a free coaching service for nonprofit organizations.

How does it work?

We offer select coaching services to nonprofits in need. If you meet our qualifications, you may apply for an upcoming quarter. Each quarter consists of a three (3) month engagement: 

Month One: Organizational History + Structure

We’ll use the first month to learn about your organization — your current success and your struggles. 


Month Two: Fundraising + Development

We’ll discuss your fundraising goals and challenges, then create a mini development plan. 

Month Three: Marketing + Communications

We’ll discuss your marketing objectives and challenges, then provide you with some free graphics to add to your digital content plan. 

Does my nonprofit qualify?

To qualify for our Nonprofit ABCs Program, your organization must meet the following requirements:

  1. Has your organization received tax-exempt status [501c(3)] from the IRS?

  2. Has your organization been operating for less than three years (from effective date of exemption)?

  3. Does your organization have five or more Board of Directors? 

  4. Does your organization have a headquarters in the United States (even if you serve a community outside of the United States)? 

  5. Does your organization have less than four employees? 


If you answered yes to every question above, you should apply!

Note: We receive 2-3 applicants per quarter, and can not guarantee you will be selected. 


We are now accepting applications for our Q2 (April - June) and Q4 (Oct. - Dec.) 2020 nonprofits!