A Few FAQs

General Questions


I am interested in working with you, how do we get started?

First, we need to chat. Submit a contact form or schedule a call. If we’re a good fit for each other then we’ll send you a custom proposal and timeline. Upon acceptance, we require a deposit and then we get to work. 


I don’t live in Alabama, can we still work together?

Absolutely! We’ve worked with numerous clients throughout the United States. As long as you have access to internet and an email, we should be good to go. 


What are your payment terms?

For every project, we require a deposit. The deposit will range from 35% - 50%. The remaining balance is paid at the end of your project. For long-term consulting contracts, we offer three (3), or six (6) month recurring payment terms.


Why do you require a deposit before we can get started on my project?

We’re a small team managing some major projects. We can only handle so many projects during a quarter, therefore a deposit guarantees your place on our project schedule.




Branding Questions

What is the difference between a logo and visual identity?

A logo is a recognizable graphic image,  often including a name, symbol or trademark, representing your business/brand. A visual identity incorporates a logo or typographic along with an image style, color palette, a font suite and supporting design elements. All of these visual elements make up your brand identity, and become your visual language. 


How do design concepts differ from design revisions?

Design concepts are different creative directions — they will have a similar “feel” but completely different look. For most projects (and all logo development projects) we will offer three different concepts or versions. Once you have narrowed down your choice to one concept, we then refine it, and add color options. These are referred to as design revisions because they don’t involve changing the concept of the design itself.




Event Questions


What type of events do you support? 

We support company galas, fundraisers, expos and speaking engagements. We do not support personal life events like weddings or birthday parties. 


Will you plan my event? 

No, as a coach — we will oversee the event objectives and target audience. We will provide event coaching for all committees necessary to plan and create a successful events. 


As a consultant — we can (and love to) offer event design, media and press, and social media services for your event. In both cases, your organization will have the final say on the event details. 


Will you travel to my event? 

Yes. However, outside of Nashville, TN and Huntsville, AL, we do require one-night lodging. And for locations more than 400 miles away from our home-office, we require flight reimbursement and two-nights lodging. 

Do you support virtual events?

Yes. Due to Covid-19, many brands are transitioning to hybrid or 100% virtual events. We offer the same services (listed above), plus online platform moderating. 


Consulting vs Coaching Questions

What is consulting?

As your consultant, we will structure projects for specific deliverables or results, many of which we will be responsible for. It’s an in-depth collaborative process where our expertise fill the gaps your brand may have. 


What is coaching?

As your coach, we will work one-on-one with an individual or individuals in your company. We’ll support you in achieving your own goals and amplifying your strengths. Coaching often includes trainings, where once you have it, you’re good to go.



Our mission is to help brands discover their value, refine it, and share it well.

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